Baron’s Summer of Snaps!

27 Jun 2016, Posted by Baron in Blog, Lifestyle, Techno

It’s almost The Forth of July chocolate lovers! Baron is kicking off this summer right on July 4th with the debut of our first ever, “Summer of Snaps!” We all know that sometimes you just need to take a break, and celebrate the deliciousness that is chocolate. Watch at your fingertips as we help satisfy your chocolate cravings through recipes, DIY projects, wine pairings and so much more! Look forward to blindfolded chocolate tastings and chocolate eating competitions. From #MondayFunday to #TGIF, Baron has all things chocolate covered. These videos and pictures we publish on our story will make Summer 2016 an entertaining, informative, and adventurous one. Follow the Baron team (and friends) as we Snapchat our way through this summer with Baron!
Updated weekly, the blog will showcase activities for the various theme days, and the Baron team will select some of them to feature on our Snapchat story!
Monday – #MondayFunday is centered on craft making with chocolate. From DIY chocolate bowls to truffle-covered pineapples these little projects will help you master the art of offering our chocolate in fun and creative ways.

Tuesday – Bored of just eating a bar? #TuesdayTreat is dedicated to delivering you a chocolate dessert recipe that will cure any emergency chocolate craving. From the traditional chocolate cake, to adventurous recipes including some far out ingredients, we hope to broaden your knowledge of the world of chocolate.
P.S: Don’t feel bad indulging: Baron Chocolate is Kosher, GMO Free, and Zero Trans Fat.

Wednesday – Struggling to get though the work week grind? #WinddownWednesday will help with a wine and chocolate pairing suggestion from Baron. Let your taste buds travel to another planet as our pairing allows you to forget about work and enjoy a nice summer evening. Remember, enjoy the little things!

Thursday#Thursdate: Feeling adventurous? Allow us to suggest a savory chocolate recipe that can be used to impress the taste buds of that special someone on a date. From pasta dishes to steak recipes, these will for sure bring some excitement to your dinner table.

Friday – Undeniably one of the best days of the week Friday is the time to prepare for a fun weekend! We have great list of cocktail pairings with our various truffle flavors that can make your weekend a flavorful one. Our truffles make the perfect party snack. They are bite sized, easy to prepare, and delicious. Let the good times roll! #TGIF am I right?
The Baron team can’t wait to pop up on your Snapchat feed showing demonstrations of some of the recipes/projects we suggest! Keep an eye out for us!

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