Summer of Snapchat Tips : Week 4

25 Jul 2016, Posted by Baron in Blog, Uncategorized

Cool down this week with some chocolatey recipes, crafts and tips!


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Chocolate Feathers

Transforming chocolate is always such an intimidating task. Peruse over Chocolate Transformed board on Pinterest and try this super easy project of making chocolate feathers! It’s definitely a must try! While you’re there, take a look at some other ways you can transform chocolate! Click here!


Chocolate Bar Puff Pastry

Need to make a snack and quick? This extremely simple way of using our chocolate bars to make a delicious chocolaty pasty is the perfect idea!

What you will need:

1 rectangular sheet of puff pastry
1 Bar of Chocolate
1 egg

Here is how to do it:

– Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

– Spread the sheet of pastry onto a baking sheet

– Cut diagonal strips on both sides of the chocolate bar

– Wrap the pastry over the chocolate in a braid formation

– Paint the braid with beaten egg, at this point you can also sprinkle on nuts or candy

– Bake for 15-20 minutes


What a “sweet” week it has been so far! A glass of Moscato with our Milk Chocolate Bar is the perfect cure to a 21+ sweet tooth.

Chocolate Chicken Mole

Impress your significant other with a classic Mexican recipe that looks like it took hours to make! This Chocolate Mole Chicken only takes about 30 minutes to cook. This classic Mexican recipe brings culture and excitement right to your table. Click here for the recipe.


Feeling a bit nutty this weekend? Enjoy this coconut-flavored Bushwacker with our coconut-flavored truffle! Created in the Virgin Islands, this specific cocktail is parried perfectly with chocolate. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as a chocolaty Piña Colada!

You will need:

1 oz of Dark Rum
1 oz of Cacao Cream
1 oz of Kahlúa
2 oz of Coconut Cream
2 oz Milk

What to do:

1. Blend all ingredients in a blender with about 1 cup of ice.
2. Strain into Hurricane glass.
3. Serve!

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