Tasty Chocolate Pairings


Tasty Chocolate Pairings

28 Jun 2017, Posted by Baron in Blog, Food, Lifestyle

Looking for a fun way to liven up your chocolate cravings? Here are a few of our suggestions!


Probably one of the most popular pairings! Strawberries can be dipped and paired with all kinds of chocolate! From filling the insides with chocolate and freezing them for a frozen treat, to dipping them into a creamy bowl of melted chocolate for that smooth, rich finish. Strawberries can do it all! Strawberries can be a nice finishing touch to any dessert as well.


Bananas are high in potassium, and when paired with chocolate, can serve as a healthy yummy treat. Like strawberries, bananas can be dipped into chocolate and frozen for a frozen treat! However, Banana Bread with Chocolate can be just as tasty. To enhance the health benefits, we paired our 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate!


Planning a road trip this summer? To sweeten your trail mix, why not include some of our chocolate! The chocolate will complement the nuts in a sweet way. The chocolate can be cut into small pieces or left in the squares to be enjoyed! If you’re looking for a coated treat, almonds can be an excellent choice for dipping.


Here are a few other suggestions!


Wine is a great pairing for all kinds of chocolate. With all the varieties of wine, there are multiple kinds of chocolate that can be paired.


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels are quick and easy, perfect as an afternoon snack or for a party! They can be dipped in any kind of chocolate, and decorated with colorful sprinkles perfect for any theme.


What treat could be better for a summer night? Bring a bar of Baron Chocolate out to top your cracker and marshmallow. It’s fun for everyone! One square is perfect for each s’more!


Almost anything can be paired with chocolate! Take a look at your local grocery, or even your kitchen and experiment with different fruits and snacks!
~Everything’s a little sweeter with some chocolate~

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